What are the SFCKC race teams?

The South Florida Canoe Kayak Club has three race teams- development, performance and high performance. These teams are an invitation only program for athletes between the ages of 8-15.  Athletes train several times per week with the goal of improving their core strength, paddling techniques, balance and speed. Workouts consist of off water and on water conditioning. All athletes will be invited to compete in local, regional, and national events. The ultimate goal is to help your athlete become a high performance paddler who competes on an international level.

My child has been invited to try out, what does this mean?

This try-out is by invitation only.  The coaches and staff have been observing your child during camp or afterschool programs and see that he or she is demonstrating a desire and passion for the sport.  Your child will attend one or two development team practices as a guest where the coach(es) will assess the skills, ability, and attitude of the athlete.

What type of commitment is needed for the development team?

Congratulations, your child has what it takes to be on the race team! Athletes on the development team want to progress their skills beyond the recreational level. There are three race team levels – development, performance and high performance.  To improve skills the athlete and his or her parent/guardian must commit specific time, supplies,and financial resources to become a competitive athlete.

  •  Time commitment

Training is year-round and fee based. The athlete must commit to a set number of days/schedule each month, no ½ month or weekly fees and           switching of days without prior approval.  Depending on the race team practice will be three days, four days or six days per week.   Saturday practice is mandatory and is held from 10:30am to 12:30pm.

  •  Supplies and Equipment commitment – for use at each practice
  1. Personal water bottle with hydration drink
  2. Towel
  3. Yoga mat
  4. Digital watch
  5. Carbon fiber paddle (beginners use a club paddle, then purchase their own)
  6. Sneakers and socks
  7. Flip flops
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Sunglasses (optional)
  10. Spandex/compression shorts
  •  Financial commitment
  1. Annual  SFCKC club membership fee
  2. USA/Canoe Kayak Annual Membership
  3. Racing singlet
  4. Carbon fiber paddle (desired)
  5. Race Team monthly fees
  6. Event registration fees (vary by location)
  7. Event Fees (boat transportation, coach travel fees, team food/drink tent)
  8. Transportation, lodging and meals for your family, incluing the athlete(s)

When is race season?

Development training is year round with conditioning from September through February. Race season is from March through August. Athletes are encouraged to attend as many events as possible.

  • Races may include the following: (subject to change)
  • March – local in-state regatta’s
  • April – local and in-state regatta’s
  • May – Lake Lanier Regatta – Gainesville, GA
  • June – Sunshine State Games – Sarasota, FL
  • July – Lake Placid Invitational – Lake Placid, NY
  • End July- 1st Week August – Nationals (varies)

 How much money do the events cost?

See Financial commitment section for specific costs. Things to consider:

Registration fees, boat travel, coach travel, team tent, family lodging and travel

expenses. Athletes are encouraged to attend as many events as possible.


The club may offer fundraising events to offset travel expenses to an event(s).  Each athlete is encouraged do individual fundraising through www.gofundme.com types of websites or to take advantage of any club sponsored activities, like selling coupon books,  Honey Baked Ham Sales.   All monies raised through club sponsored events must be used for events, no personal distribution of funds.