Did you know that Olympic flat water sprint kayaking began in the 1936 Olympics and has not missed the Olympic games ever since.   The high performance team is the “scouting camp” for the USA’s Olympic level teams.   Olympic level selection begins at age 15-16 starting with the Junior Development Team.  As the athlete ages and skills improve he or she can move up to the Junior National Team,  the Senior Development Team,  and finally the Senior National Team.

It takes years of practice to master the stroke, balance, strength, and endurance of sprint kayaking.  Many champions began their paddling careers having fun in an after school or summer camp program.  To become a member of SFCKC’s high performance team the paddler will have several years experience and the desire to push their skills further.

The High Performance Team consists of those athletes over the age of 14 who are competing at a National and International level. This team will practice 6 days a week Monday-Saturday.  All paddlers on this team MUST have their own paddle and boat.

high performance