SFCKC offers a variety of “other” programs to our athletes.

  • Canoe Polo
  • Para Canoe for those who are differently abled
  • Dragon Boat
  • Standup Paddleboard (SUP)

Canoe Polo

Like playing soccer on the water, Canoe Polo is played in specialized kayaks with safety helmets and gear. The game consists of two 10 minute halves where two teams of 5 players battle it out with a water polo ball. The aim is to score a goal, which is suspended above the water at each end of a rectangular ‘playing pitch’. Matches are controlled by referees and the fast, explosive action from players encompasses a wide range of canoeing skills.

SFCKC is forming teams now with on water practices coming soon!

Para Canoe

Para Canoe is a term used to describe both kayak and canoe discipline for paddlers with physical disabilities.
As long as the athlete has use of their arms and trunk, they can go through the classification process to determine the correct division to participate in. SFCKC is fortunate enough to have Col. Deborah Page working with our para athletes. Col. Page has many years experience competing at high level competitions and serves as Chairperson of USA Canoe Kayak Para Canoe division.

Para team members meet on the water twice a year for a training camp and on an individual basis weekly. Programs are taught in specialized canoes and kayaks that are more stable vessels. Our highly trained staff will assist the athlete with learning the fundamentals of paddling, through fun and games.

Our programs expand into competitive level training sessions that will prepare athletes to compete at a sprint competition regatta.

Dragon Boat

Originating in China, the Dragon Boat is becoming more and more popular at both competitive and recreational levels.

Physically, these long, open canoes are paddled by 20 paddlers or, in the smaller 10-seater version by ten paddlers who all use single-bladed canoe style paddles. Often the boat will be elaborately decorated with a dragon head and tail and scales painted on the sides of the boat and include a drummer at the front and a steersman at the rear. With at least two boats competing against each other over various distances, not only are strength, endurance, courage and skill important, but unity, harmony and team spirit are as well. This all becomes apparent when everybody in the boat paddles to the rhythm of the drum.

Dragon boating is an excellent on water activity for all ages and ability levels and a perfect tool for team building workshops. Look for SFCKC dragonboats on the water soon!


Standup Paddleboard

Love yoga class, but want to try something new and challenging?

Why not take class to the water? SFCKC is working with highly trained SUP yoga instructors to bring a new class to the waterfront. Check with us in the fall of 2016 for times and classes!