Last year when the SFCKC flyer came home in my son’s backpack I had a feeling it was a different kind of program.  After meeting Ian and Melinda and seeing their enthusiasm for the sport combined with their coaching style and philosophy I knew this was the right place for my child. The impact this program has had on my son goes beyond learning the techniques and fundamentals of the sport of kayaking.  My son has had to listen and be disciplined to learn something totally new, become and work as part of a team, push himself physically and mentally, win and lose races with grace, all while meeting the various challenges one faces while in nature.  His coaches have set high standards for themselves and those they teach.  Learning and coaching is facilitated in a positive and respectful environment. As a result, my son is physically stronger, he has grown in confidence, has developed a respect for nature and has skills doing something he really enjoys that has nothing to do with electronics. He still has much to learn in the sport and about competition in the future. For my son it has been a great experience and being part of SFCKC family has made this opportunity possible!
— Kathryn Sayers

SFCKC has provided my daughter with many positive experiences.  In addition to being more physically active, improving balance and endurance, she has learned healthy competition, team dynamics and good sportsmanship.  I have seen a very significant improvement in self-confidence.  Our family has benefited from a new love of the water and an activity we can enjoy for many years.
— SL Mitchell

SFCKC is an inspiration! Ian and Melinda are a true blessing to our area. They are providing an unbelievable opportunity to the children of south Florida. This is a new sport in our area and they are able to provide instruction in an always positive and fun manner. They teach both through games and professional instruction. The families and instructors are always encouraging and provide a positive and non-judgmental environment. There is never a lack of positive energy and the setting is beautiful and tranquil. I feel very comfortable and secure with my children under the instruction of this program. I have observed first-hand the high level of safety and precaution practiced at SFCKC and would recommend this program to everyone. Your children will not only love it but you will find a new family of friends and peers both for them and for yourselves. You and your children will be welcomed by everyone and you will be enriched by the owners and their unbelievable program. Thank you Ian and Melinda!

—Dae Yang

This camp is awesome… 3rd week this summer…
—Lynn Morrison

My son had a lot of fun at this camp! He will come back for sure… It is perfect for teens.
—Claudia Gallardo

Ian and Melinda Mack are giving our kids an opportunity that will last a lifetime. They make sure the kids are having fun while they are coached by Olympic level athletes (WOW). The sport is a true mind-body-spirit workout.
Parents will see an amazing transformation in their children. You’ll see things like an increase in his or her self-esteem, a sharper mental focus and stick-with-it attitude, a transformation of his or her body shape all while having fun and making new friends. And the best part – falling doesn’t hurt – you land in the water. Come and check out the club and talk with other parents, the coaches and the kids. You will not be disappointed.
—Janet Goetz

By Far THE BEST camp my kids have EVER been to!!!
—Sherrie Frair-Evans

SFCKC is amazing! The most incredible staff and facility. The most beautiful place to learn and paddle!
—Deana Vetri Raby

They are fun and have lots of fun games.
—Carly Peace