SFCKC has a philosophy of teaching our youth the fundamentals of paddlesports through having fun and playing games. Our ages start at age 8 because a child needs to be tall enough to reach the “footboards” of the boats and mature enough to listen and follow directions. The youth in our programs will be exposed to a variety of paddlesports such as: recreational boats of both one and two persons, sprint youth trainers to develop skills in a racing boat, standup paddleboard racing and technique, surfski skills including riding a “wash”, and seasonally dragonboat racing.  Southwest Florida provides seasonably warm temperatures that allow our youth to train on the water year round.All of our coaches and staff are highly trained in all the Paddlesports, Safety, First Aid and CPR, and has a satisfactory completion of criminal background checks on file.

Sprint kayaking is not your “typical sport”.  It is unusual, in that it is not just an individual or a team sport, but a “family of athletes”.  This is why our mission statement declares that we are “athlete focused”.  Our desire is to uniquely meet the needs of every athlete training at our venue and to treat them like family which cultivates teamwork, individualism, self-respect, endurance, persistence, tenacity, and sportsmanship, just to name a few.

A common testimonial from parents is
“I love the positive change this club has made on my child”.